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September 19, 2018

Back to the Kitchen!

Now that the wedding is officially over with and we’re basking in the pictures (don’t worry, there’s some at the bottom of this post) and memories, it’s time for me to get back into the kitchen and start whipping up some fresh, local, seasonal dishes! More importantly, it’s time for me to get back writing on this here blog and sharing recipes with you all! Who is with me?!?!

To get into the fall spirit, despite the fact that it’s cold and raining here today in Iowa, I’m going to share a few things I’m looking forward to this fall:

1. Pumpkin spice…. everything… coffee…. pumpkin bars…. GAH!! I also have this problem where I decorate with so many pumpkins it looks like a pumpkin patch threw up in our front yard… It drives my OCD husband crazy.. hehe!

2. Squash… it seems to be the best harvest time for all things squash. There are so many different kinds of squash that you could eat it every day for one week and never eat two of the same! Plus, my CSA box this year from Humble Hands Harvest in Decorah, IA has been full of awesome surprises I can’t see what they have growing this fall season!

3. Soups… my favorite comfort food is soup. It fills the house with delicious smells and makes a cold weekend day even more cozy. What will be coming your way this fall- tomato soup with mini meatballs, chipotle corn chowder, squash bisque… is your mouth drooling as much as mine?!

4. Cast Iron Cooking… fall and winter are my favorite times to break out all of the cast iron cooking vessels… from dutch ovens to skillets. I recently received an old Griswold as a wedding shower gift from a dear friend AND I bought myself a wedding gift and bought a skillet from Finex Cast Iron Cookware.  Cast Iron is my absolute FAVORITE way to cook!

5. Sweaters, boots, and puppy snuggles… enough said!

I ask that you all stay tuned for the weeks to come as I head back to my kitchen and start to create recipes and share them with you all. Check out my Instagram page to see what’s going on on a daily basis – @jess.wooody or see what’s going on at my facebook page! And, to make sure you’re not going to miss a thing, subscribe and get all of my blog posts delivered right to your mailbox… I promise I will not spam your mailbox, just some drool-worthy recipes!

As promised, some wedding pictures! Once I get more pictures back from Rachel Betson Photography, I’ll give you guys the skinny on all things Woodward Wedding!


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