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December 11, 2017

Hello Folks –

Jessie here!

I’m sure that you were expecting my first post to be filled with a delicious recipe or two and awesome pictures of some awesome food, but before we get to that, I would like to tell you guys a little bit about myself!

I am a New Jersey native currently residing in Northeast Iowa with my fiance, Brandon, and our wiener dog, Tater. Yes, just like the potato! In May of 2016, Brandon and I quit our jobs, packed up all of our stuff, and set out to find a more simple lifestyle. We dug fresh roots on a 1,200 acre farm surrounded by corn, cows, and chickens. Our only regret was not doing it sooner.

Fortunately, I was able to mend two of my passions together to start a career when we moved here… food and marketing. I am the Assistant Director of Catering a local college where we do on-site and off-site catering events. Anything from luncheons to weddings!

Long distance running has become a way for me to meditate and balance my life. You will often find me lacing up one of my one hundred pairs of running shoes clumsily stacked high in our closet and hitting the gravels for a run. One thing you will never see me without, is a coffee cup, in a hand-thrown mug, of course. It’s safe to say that I’m addicted to coffee… I mean, when you’re good at something, why not share your talent with the world! Right?!

Bran and I are currently in the middle of planning a wedding in Pennsylvania and let me tell you, it’s not as fun as everyone tells you it is. I’m sure I will vent in a post or two on the blog between now at September 8, 2018. Or, if we happen to decide to run off to Vegas, y’all will be the first to know… You can help me choose which Elvis will marry us!

Another thing that will pop up in maybe more posts than he should is Tater Dog! He’s a lovable dapple doxie that loves puppuccinos, long naps in our bed, and an occasional pork chomp.


So, the main reason we are all here – FOOD!

I have learned that food can not only heal the soul, but also soothe some pressing health issues that have come to light for both of us in these the last few years. Plus, we ALL know that feeling of being hangry… You know, that point in time where your body’s fuel tank is just about empty and your emotions jump on a one-way bus to Angry Town… yes, my friends, we have all been there.

There’s no doubt about it, I am a foodie through and through. I always have posted pictures of the latest things that I was whipping up in the kitchen; And, I would often get asked by friends and family for the recipes. After writing a few of them down and taking pictures of it to send to them, I figured that I had to take my passion and turn it into something greater. And that folks, is how The Hangry Diaries Blog started…. It first launched in 2015, but due to the big move and, welp, sometimes life just gets in the way, I let it slip through the cracks. Recently, I felt inspired to bring it back!

Brandon has Celiac Disease. In simple terms, he needs to eat a gluten free diet. When we first moved in together, it used to take me three hours to go through the grocery store because gluten hides in just about everything… Iced tea mix… miracle whip… bottled mixed spices… just ask Bran, he found out that hard way! I would have to read every. single. label. It was then where I realized cooking whole foods, foods without labels like local meats, vegetables, and fruits, was one of the best ways to avoid glutening my then boyfriend. However, Brandon’s eating restrictions weren’t the only reason I decided to overhaul our diet.

I suffered from chronic acid reflux, which manifested itself in severe chest pains, fainting, and difficulty exercising, which has always been a huge part of my life. After several years of not knowing what caused these chest pains, the doctor made me change our diet almost 360 degrees. I am now finding that a clean healthy diet can help with the symptoms of other health issues like Lymes Disease, Endometriosis, and GERD. This is a journey that I will forever be on.

With all of that being said, I am a foodie at heart. Which means that every meal that I made must not only be good for me, but TASTE great, too! On this blog you are going to find healthy, almost totally unprocessed meals, along with gluten free recipes, Whole30 recipes, Paleo recipes, some kitchen humor, a few kitchen fails here and there, and so much more. Most importantly, the food you will find on The Hangry Diaries Blog is going to trick your taste buds into thinking that what you are eating isn’t good for you, but it actually is nutrient-dense, wholesome foods!

So, join me on this fit food journey, but please eat something before hand so you don’t get hangry! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog via email and click on the social media icons to stay in the loop on what’s going on in my kitchen!

Until next time!


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