The Winter Blues


The Winter Blues

Does anyone else have a serious case of the winter blues? I just can’t seem to shake this year’s winter blues fever! I’m pretty sure my poor Tater Dog has a caught my winter fever, too.

With that being said, I find myself doing more of somethings and less of others. For example, I don’t exactly feel motivated to do much meal prep, which, of course, has hindered my New Year’s Resolution to get my shit together because we are getting married at some point this year.

I have also found that the couch, a cup of coffee, and Tater Man snuggles is my happy place. Our weekends have consisted of Law and Order marathons, endless pots of coffee, and my favorite blanket that my mom made for us. The nights have been consistently in the negatives and the days have grown extremely short. Which, I am contributing to my diagnoses.

I long for the summer nights where it is still light out at 8 o’clock in the evening and when I can catch the sunrise on my way into work. While I know that winter in an inevitable time of the year, I can’t seem to get myself motivated!

So, readers! I am turning to you for advice. What have you all been able to do, to get yourself off of the couch and back on the healthy/fitness/motivated grind? Do you have any suggestions for me?!

I’m currently working with The Osso Good Co. and their seven day bone broth cleanse in hopes that it will not only kick start my gut health, but kick start my motivation as well. I am extremely excited about this collaboration. I am going to give you the uncut and raw version of this cleanse. You know, the nitty gritty…. How it makes me feel, what it does to my body, what it tastes like, etc.!

This company sources only the best of ingredients for their product. These bone broths are made from grass fed beef, organic chicken, and 100% organic vegetables. To make these broths even better, they are Whole30 approved, Paleo approved, and Keto approved. If you’re gluten free, you’re in luck, too. They have the certified stamp of approval right on the label!